Philly LARP Vampire the Masquerade at PAX Unplugged

December 11, 2021. Saturday Night 7-10:30pm at PAX Unplugged

“I Saw Lizzie Proctor…”

A web of intrigue, betrayal, and supernatural evil set in the world of By Night Studio’s Vampire: The Masquerade.

A great beast approaches. In the shadow of its arrival, the lesser monsters who make up the various packs of the Sabbat have assembled to root out their weaknesses. In the face of such a nightmare, only a purged, unified sect will survive, and those who dance with devils must be rooted out. Packs from around the country have come, some zealous believers of the dark myths of vampire kind here to burn out heresy, some self-serving power brokers seeking a new investment, and some servants of the Sleeping Hunger who seek nothing more than glorious destruction in the name of their hidden lord, concealed among the supposedly innocent. Hidden knives cut deepest.