Philadelphia Sabbat is a Winding Path Initiative event and is a part of the current Winding Path chronicle. It is set in modern times in the city of Philadelphia. In this game, players take on fictitious personas as vampires in the strange and brutal Sabbat, waging an eternal war against the ancient Methuselahs and their servants in the Camarilla and Independent Alliance. We play the first Saturday of every month in Southern New Jersey (for the address and time information, please contact

Philly Sabbat is one of several games run by Role Initiative Philadelphia, a Winding Path Initiative Chapter.


Philadelphia Sabbat uses the current By Night Studios: Vampire the Masquerade ruleset,  including all current errata and addenda published by the company.  


Settings and History Guide

What has happened in vampiric life of Philadelphia’s past? Find out the answer in our Philadelphia Sabbat History and Setting Guide along with the emphasis and themes of our game.


Philly Sabbat’s permanent storytelling staff is as follows:

  1. DJ Hicks (Head ST) –
  2. Jaclyn Terranova (Deputy ST)

Character Creation

  1. Rules for Character creation can be found here
  2. Our XP chart is the same as the Camarilla Masquerade XP Chart, which can be found here


We are proud to present Philadelphia Sabbat as a safe, inclusive space for gamers of all stripes. Abusive or disruptive players may be disallowed at ST discretion, but any player looking for a place to enjoy a shared hobby in a secure and welcoming environment will find that Philly Sabbat fits that bill exactly. There is no cost for membership, though games generally carry a $5 fee to cover site costs.

Content Disclaimer

The World of Darkness is exactly what it sounds like; dark, uncomfortable, and frightening. This game contains a great many mature themes, and it may not be suitable to all audiences. While we strive to provide a safe environment for all players, we rely on individual players to inform staff when a specific subject or scene is outside of their comfort zone so that appropriate steps can be taken. Never be afraid to speak up if you feel uncomfortable.